10/2: In Vino Veritas, Colorado Wine Company, 830pm, Eagle Rock, CA

10/4: The Fine Fare Comedy Hour-ish, The San Fernando, 9pm, Los Angeles, CA

10/6: NACA South Conference, Chattanooga, TN

10/8: Junk Show, Copper Still, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA

10/9: Mermaid Comedy Hour, Hollywood Improv Lab, 930pm, Los Angeles, CA

10/12: Meow!, The YARD Theater, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA

10/19: NACA Mid Atlantic Conference, Buffalo, NY

10/26: NACA Mid America Conference, Covington, KY

10/27: The Last Book Review, The Last Bookstore, 830pm, Los Angeles, CA

10/28: Witches Brew, Junior High, 7pm, Los Angeles, CA

11/2: Sleeping with Mark and Friends, Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA

11/9: Lesley University, Boston, MA

11/10-11/14 San Francisco (I’ve got about 12 shows, I’ll post them when they’re finalized!)

11/15: Bear City, Que Sera, 7pm, Long Beach, CA

11/19: Chatterbox, Chatterbox Lounge, 9pm, Covina, CA

12/7: Starpunch, UCB Franklin, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA