11/2: Sleeping with Mark and Friends, Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA

11/3: The Bad Bad Show, Secret Location, 7pm, Los Angeles, CA

11/5: UnCabaret, Au Lac, 8pm, Los Angeles

11/9: Lesley University, Boston, MA

11/10: Millennials Ruin Everything, El Rio, 6pm, San Francisco, CA
11/10: The Set Up, 222 Hyde, 8pm, San Francisco, CA
11/10: Up on the Roof, Doc’s Lab, 9pm, San Francisco, CA
11/10: Night Moves, Piano Fight, 12am, San Francisco, CA

11/11: Night Life on Mars, Murphy’s Pub, 8pm, San Francisco, CA
11/11: Critical Hit, It’s Your Move, 830pm, Oakland, CA
11/11: Cheaper Than Therapy, Shelton Theater, 10pm, Sam Francisco, CAA

11/12: Punchline, 8pm, San Francisco, CA

11/13: Long Weekend, Ivy Room, 730pm, Albany, CA
11/13: Comedy x Tacos, Starline Social Club, 8pm, San Francisco, CA
11/13: From Shinola, Rite Spot, 9pm, San Francisco, CA

11/14: Hysteria, Martuni’s, 6pm, San Francisco, CA
11/14: Bitch Club, Punchline, 8pm, San Francisco, CA

11/15: Bear City, Que Sera, 7pm, Long Beach, CA

11/19: Chatterbox, Chatterbox Lounge, 9pm, Covina, CA

12/1: Blame Social Media, Hollywood Improv, 9pm, Los Angeles, CA

12/7: Starpunch, UCB Franklin, 8pm, Los Angeles, CA

1/12: Mint on a Card, Blast From the Past, 8pm, Burbank, CA

1/20: On Deck, Nerdmelt, 9pm, Los Angeles, CA

2/6: Crisis, Holy Grounds, 730pm, Los Angeles, CA

2/17-2/21: NACA Nationals

3/28: University of Wisconsin

3/29-4/1: Bird City Comedy Festival